About Us

We produce music and sound for commercials, films, TV and any communication format.

We are a renowned team of producers, composers and sound developers that ensure the highest quality contribution through creativity and innovation, always seeking the sound identity of each piece.


Our Services

Original Music

We compose and produce original soundtracks with a unique artistic and aesthetic sense. In any style, language or format; we make sure our music brings something truly meaningful and distinguishing to each project.

Adapted Music

We produce, remix and rearrange any pre-existing music in a highly innovative way, focusing on enhancing a projects idea above all things.

Sound Design

We create sound compositions for films and commercials using sound FX, music and a profound cinematic criteria.

Audio Post

We provide production solutions for every stage of a project. From complete radio spot production (actings- voiceovers) to final mixes and sound FX.

Music Branding

We build and enhance a brands identity through sound and music, creating audio-logos, specific ID soundtracks and even custom made music for non traditional media or integrated actions.

Consulting and research

We have what it takes in terms of people, knowledge and avant-gardeness to guide and supervise a project so that it gets to the exact resources it needs to be great and effective.

Our Services